Ho Chi Minh on foot – Part 2 (thị trường)

More of walking down the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, all the places of interest are so  walking distance meaning that you can cover more in a day. The weather is moderate cool and I don’t find myself perspires much. Xinyee called it outdoor air-condition! This time around I bring you to the markets of Chợ Bình Tây (District 6) and Bến Thành Market in downtown city area.

The Chợ Bình Tây market is about 45 minutes drive from the city center by our non-Vinasun (trusted taxis in Ho Chi Minh City must be “Vinasun”) taxi driver. This market is said to be a wholesale market and traders throughout the city centre get their supplies from here. It sells almost everything you want from food stuff, vegetables, clothing, toys, fabrics, sea food, jewellery and fake branded bags. Most of the traders here speaks Mandarin and they could be of Chinese origin that have settled here many decades ago.

Quite a distant from the City centre which on the top right.
for a better picture I source this from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/striderv/4589219760/ viewed on January 6, 2012
Of to the Binh Tay market we go...
wading through the extremely busy market.
See cucumbers for sale..plenty of them.
dried sea cucumers for chinese cuisines.
Bến Thành Market is however, in the city. Dated back 1859 when the French took over the Citadel of Saigon, then named this place Ben (meaning wharf in Vietnamese) and Thanh (meaning in Vietnamese). It is now the symbol of Ho Chi Minh City, located right in front of a roundabout that is hosting also a busy bus terminal and interchange to various parts of the massive city inhibited by nine million people. A fire in 1870 failed to dampened the spirit of the market and later rebuilt to become the largest market in Saigon. The market is at the Le Loi, District 1.
Must visit market for bargains!

sound familiar huh? (dad's name)
Vietnamese Nam (Vietnamese Man)
Welcome to Ho Chi Minh!

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