Big Plate: Thực phẩm Trời Việt Nam (Food Heaven, Vietnam) -3 German

Welcome back! This is the third instalment of Big Plate: Food Heaven, Vietnam; this time we went German!

3. Hoa Vien Restaurant (location: 20 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Q1)

This restaurant, Hoa Vien Restaurant now spotted with a beer garden, said to be serving the best beer in the Vietnam, Pilsner Urquell draft beer. They serves traditional Vietnamese dishes as well as Russian (grilled stuff), German (smoked stuff) and English. This evening we have ordered a mixture as we ould like to sample a variety.

A secluded restaurant, a buggy will fetch you from the main road; about 50 metres; so don’t panic if you can’t see this restaurant from the main road.

Secluded that you need a buggy ride to reach.
Nice dining area on the top floor while the beer garden at the lower floor.
Hungry and ready to go.
Tasty Rosted Ribs
Juicy too...
smoked German sausage
Smoked Fish, finished fast here...
One of the best noodles with mixed vege I have ever tasted...try it here.
This is a must try, not just about the food but the ambience. Price is reasonable, all the above and drinks costs 1.6million VND. The only downside about this restaurant is language. The waiters and waitresses have to be handled with high level of patience. Enjoy!
Until next plate, cheers.

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