Ho Chi Minh City on foot…part 1

Exploring Ho Chi Minh City on foot is a whole new experience, apart from appreciating old colonial buildings I have taken the initiative to look at how the locals lives. Putting up in a local hotel here and using this location as a reference point, we managed to comb most of the neighbouring streets; and sometimes wandered too far and opted out a taxi to return.
Ready to go with Xinyee, behind the camera!

I have made a collection of those that caught my eyes. Here they are.

1. The Opera House (Le Loi and Dong Gong khoi Streets, Lam son Square, District 1, HCM City.)

 Our starting point for the day was the Saigon Opera House. It is located at the intersection of Le Loi and Dong Gong khoi Streets, Lam son Square, District 1, HCM City.

source: tripadvisor.com; Didn't managed to get a shot for myself.

This place was a crowd puller on Christmas Day with a band playing for the public in front of the Opera house. We were there to catch a glimpse of how street entertainment gets a new meaning in HCM City. Note the audience.

Street Entertainment in HCM, Opera Style!


Audience seated with proper chairs and its quality music!

Swelling crowd on a Sunday Christmas morning, jamming up there and on the street.

 2. Saigon Central General Post Office

We managed to walk into Saigon Central General Post Office on a Christmas Day! Yup it opens today and it was really busy. I am amazed by its interior, where one can be mistaken for a museum or a train station. with its large hall and very well organised with postal counters, exhibits of older clocks and tourists shopping booths it is surely a sight to behold!

Spacious hall in the post office
comes with shopping area in the foreground and postal counters in the background
Grand entrance for a post office.
Grand old clocks exhibits
Making new friends outside the post office, they are police personnels.
 3. Notre Dame, HCM.
Situated right in front of the post office is the Church of Notre Dame. Amazing like the real on in France. A mass was underway for Christmas when we walk in. The interior of the church is outstanding, just like its exterior.
The exterior of Notre Dame, HCM City.
New visitors to the Notre Dame
The interior of the church of Notre dame
Attractive stained glass on the windows of Notre Dame
 I have joined some photos here to give you a panaromic view of the space outside the Notre Dame, HCM Citty.
Panaromic View of Notre dame
Thats it for the first part of our journey on foot. Stay tuned for the second part, or better stay subscribbed! Cheers.

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