Tranquility of Delta Mekong

Moments before I captured these photos, my mind told me that this was perhaps the perfect moment to define tranquility. Free from all emotions and stress, the locals here should be the luckiest people around. Nothing much to stress about on their daily routines, they live their lives in a slow pace; unlike most of us.

Take a few moments to immerse your self into these photos and try to reflect when was the last time you were so peaceful and calm; bet you will tell me it was many moons ago! Try to hear, from these photos the silence whispered by the mangrove trees and you will tell how much more clearer you can hear yourself! It is perhaps the perfect spot or time to tell one self of life changing action to take; because the deafening silence and not a single movement from the still mangroves can distract you. It is tranquility. Enjoy.



2 thoughts on “Tranquility of Delta Mekong

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