Big Plate: Thực phẩm Trời Việt Nam (Food Heaven, Vietnam) -2 Pho

This is the second part of our food hunt in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

2. Pho Hoa location:  260C Pasteur Street Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

In the quest for a nice bowl of Pho we visited Pho Hoa. In its own league many people has recommended this place and that was why we were there. Located at Quan 3, district 3 in HCM this shop can be spotted among a row of old colony buildings, but taxi drivers were so aware of this place that they can send you there in no time!

This is how the shop looks like, with my dad so eager to taste his real original Vietnamese beef noodle; his favourite whenever and however consuming beef is concerned.

The facade of the shop with two eager customers.

These were the master chefs that have given the Pho a fresh yet traditional taste of beef noodle. The soup turned out to be so flavourful as expected and with its generous portion of meat it was a sure delicious bowl!

Master Chefs at work @ Pho Hoa

 We had phở bò, noodle soup served with beef (they serves chicken too, phở gà) and usually accompanied with Basil, Mint and Lime. The taste? The soup gives a flavoured sweet  taste blended with the sweetness of the fresh beef. The lime added a little sour-ish sensation but it was the Basil and Mint that turned the noodles into its Pho taste, sharp fragrance yet soothing on soft rice noodle. Served steaming hot was perhaps the best part.

Poking your taste bud right?

I did not take many photos here mainly because this place is a little crowded especially it was a Christmas Day in HCM. I had very little place to move. Mostly packed with locals, we knew we can’t be wrong. Further, I was too indulged into my bowl of Pho so much that I have forgotten my camera. Finishing the bowl off with a good glass of iced Vietnamese Tea would be ideal. The tastes stuck into our mind till today.

They also serve other  foods such as dough sticks, cream puffs, meat bun and coconut jelly but those weren’t on our menu. That was two bowls of Pho in my record and will be back for more in the future. A must try! Enjoy!

**Note: Here is the first part of our food adventure



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