đêm Giáng sinh Việt Nam (Christmas Eve, Vietnam)

Christmas Eve in Vietnam has a special meaning each year and I would guess that this year is of no exception. The locals in Ho Chi Minh City have given my family and me a whole new perspective what a Christmas Eve celebration is!

With their iron horses ie. their motorcycles and scooters they made rounds throughout the City before counting down at the HCM City Council. Yes there is a clock tower where each year they can count down. How many of them? I was told that they are 4.4 million motorcycles and scooters in HCM for a population of 9 million, a motorcycle for every two in the City. The following photos shows what I mean by “madness” where every inch of the roads were occupied by motorcycles and scooters! There were of course other vehicles, mainly taxis but they have found themselves in gridlocks ending up advising us to walk instead.

Gridlocks everywhere on Christmas Eve.
Motorcycles and Scooters Everywhere!
Zig Zagging everywhere. Look Ma, No traffic lights!
Don't ask me how to cross! This is my first day here!
Locals have a Jolly Good time by the roadside.
Merry Christmas! ...from HCM City, Vietnam.

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