xin chào Việt Nam

This Christmas, today I am with my family in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Last evening we have experienced Christmas Eve celebration in Vietnamese style. Literally the whole city of nine million was caught in a massive gridlock,hog by sea of motorcycles. It was truly an experience being part of the celebration. Crossing each of the junctions is like dicing with one’s life confronting sea of on coming motorcycles and scooters; mostly carries up to three or four at a time. What is truly amazing is the fact that none of the riders shows any sign of stress or frustration among the blaring horns from cars and taxis. I guess it is the fact that they can’t do anything if they were to get angry anyway!

Dinner was truly great last evening with sampling of true Vietnamese cuisine. At the time of this writing I have no photo to show as I am still too busy to process them. I will have them posted, maybe tomorrow. I managed to scribble a little here just trying out the free wifi at Riverside Hptel Saigon where we are going to stay in the entire visit.


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