Big Plate: Nasi Kandar @ Putrajaya Lakeside

The Big Plate kicks off the series with a Nasi Kandar stall in Dataran Putra, Putrajaya; the administrative capital of Malaysia. This stall, Hameed Nasi Kandar among some ten others is located at the food court adjacent to the mosque at Selera Putra is overlooking the lake. It serves Nasi Kandar, a northern style Indian Muslim dishes, ranging from red hot curries to deep fried seafood and chicken.

One of their specialties, deep fried large Bamboo prawns is popular among foreign tourists, mainly from main land China and the Middle East. To the locals the prawns are pricey at RM25 each along with whole crabs too at the same price. Served on a large plate, they sure have a fine way of opening up one’s appetite. Seen here is one of the staff at the stall proudly holding one of the prawns.   

Big Attraction at Putrajaya.

 Last week, in a visit to the capital my daughter, wife and I have managed to savour their fried chicken, fried squid with rice. It tastes good and the serving is big. 

Large Plate. @photo courtesy of Xinyee
Appetising Indeed. @photo courtesy of Xinyee
Curry Fish Head. @photo courtesy of Xinyee



All these at Hameed's. @photo courtesy of Xinyee
Until next plate, Bon appetite!

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