2011 blog posts and more than five thousand views

Come 2012, I will be proud to tell that I have written more than 130 posts in 2011. This post is 130th! Yeah, an average of 3 days a post, not bad considering that I have just started writing them since January 2011. And as for viewership, I am proud to say that I have achieved more than 5,548 views, as of this date. It fell short of my 6,000 target this year. With your support it may well hit but I have only 16 days to go! The highest per day views was 71.

What about 2012? I want to write around 150 and that will be every third day, just being realistic. And I have always wanted more followers and viewers and I am setting a higher target of 8,000 for 2012.

To challenge myself, I have taken some steps to make this blog more interesting by setting up five themes to give me ample ideas to write on. This is the idea.

After reviewing the reader’s interests in 2011, I want to try my luck in writing on:

  1. Protection of forests [SIGNATURE]
  2. Food [BIG PLATE]
  3. Journey and travels [JOURNeY]
  4. Black and White photos [CONTRAST INSIDE.OUT]
  5. My education portal [gcollegestudy]

Look out for this new features, meanwhile wish me luck! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



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