Jobs’ passing has made me reflect very hard on the value of time, valued so much especially when one has to come to term with it. Steve Jobs’ achievements were unmatched by people of his generation; abandoned, chosen, choice, fired, returned and fulfilling lives. This writing isn’t about Steve; it is about how one deal with time as they come. I am sure Jobs has dealt with them in his own stride, something all of us will neither fully understand nor told. The subtle thing about time is its impermanence; a moment of happiness followed by challenges and in other time desperation followed by triumph as in Jobs’ story.

As I sip my white coffee, I wonder if we could really control time; not as scheduling or planning but the notion and essence of time as we felt. People from all walks of life would tell you so much about their childhood, life, career, their love and even death. Many would have emphasised their joy, successes and heroic deeds not forgetting shared pleasant moments with others. Yet many would like to forget time of desperation, shame, failure and pain while not ignoring the time when one is faced by life threatening sickness. Will these be ever forgotten? Will these be told other than a retrospective manner?

I am not sure. I am pondering too, everyday. Will my life tells more beautiful stories many years later, to my child and her later generations? Do you think I will be able to write myself a good story without the bad stories that will fill the other pages of my book? I am not suggesting I will leave these adverse stories out; but will these events shapes a major twist to my life story? Steve Jobs has, before his passing told Walter Isaacson, while the latter was writing his autobiography that he wanted the book to be an honest account of his life. So did Jobs’ wife, without having to see or editing the book.

Given a choice I wanted a good book, a good story that many will be motivated, inspired and modelled. It will be too idealistic to just hope and I am fully aware of that. In his book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, Stephen Covey has emphasised the need to have the end in mind; and I have subscribed to this practice ever since by continue sharpening my saw. However as time passes I found that I will never understand time and its effect. Too many challenges were thrown at me to date and these will sure fills the other pages of my book; I hope they will not be too many pages. (Chuckle, Stephen also wrote a book on The Third Alternative and the book is inspiring).

They were too many times that time had held me down; sometimes well down, deep enough to demoralise and putting me frantically searching for answers. Kenny Loggins, in his chart topping song “Footloose” portrayed the need to break away from the status quo and tearing up the town; breaking free when you are trapped; time and again. “Everyone cut,  footloose”, oh yeah. I have noticed, that time, in this context will never be permanent and as long as you act or work on the situation, you will out and entering into another time dimension; hopefully a more pleasant one.  Somehow trust me; it may be too ideal that it will work each time! They are times that you really have to figure out the “whys” of them happening; some as a sequel to your past decisions and some unexplained, like the UFOs. I personally distaste the latter, they were painful.

On the contrary, there were times that you feel rewarded; for instance you gain monetarily, recognition, sense of achievement and satisfaction. Were these also a sequel from your past deeds? I believe so as they have said “You reap what you sow”; but many of us don’t see them this way. Sometimes I included! Especially when you see the rewards gain by other people; was that the “time” of their life as in the song “One Moment in Time”, made popular by Whitney Houston? Have they seized the time or have I not seized them (that) well? Is there something called luck?

Or should we believe there is a life path that one needs to follow because they were given to you? Some truth prevails religiously, astronomically and through numerological belief, I guess. But I am not going to dismiss them, as to date I sees some significant truth especially through the existence of birth marks and their positions; as well as the turn in your career path, your talents and your personalities. Sometimes these factors really shaped your role in the universe; some were made teachers, doers and motivators. Do they happen by chance? I don’t think so! I would want to see the ending chapter of my life so that I can finally know why I became a teacher, honestly.

Meantime, how can I manoeuvre my life better? Will the unexpected flood and damage my aspiration to do better? Will they work like devils do in spoiling your plans? How do I know if they are coming? Is it relevant to know if they are? After all the might of the unexpected are really strong, sometimes you may not be able to handle them. Come on, don’t be too ideal about “What come may”! I think, and trying to believe that I have an answer, accept them as they are with open arms, be positive about the “time” that you have to go through. I sympathise because I am, like you are, going through them at the moment.

I leave you with Kenny Loggins’ “Footloose”


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