Hair cut

Something I have written a while ago with a message.

This is 1943 just after WWII, a young family man told his four year old son “sunny, you need a hair cut, let’s go”. The son beamed with joy knowing that chocolate sundae is part of the deal, as usual on hair cutting day. No complaints.

This is 1953, now the man is ten years older, so is his son at fourteen. “Sunny, you need a hair cut, do you want to go because I am”. “no dad, barber Dan’s cut is no more cool!. It’s the rock and roll now dad”. Dad moves on without the little boy no more.

This is 1963, dad spotted a new hair style, not really, his head is balding. Son moves on into his twenty fourth year and has graduated college. “Sunny, you need a hair cut. Accompany me”. “I can’t dad, have to pick up Suzy. Got a appointment at the her hairdresser, she is helping me with the Afro”.

This is 1973, dad is 54 and the young man is 34. “your boy sure need a hair cut. When are you getting him one?”. “let it be dad, besides we hippie have our own freedom, so will be the boy when he grew up”. Dad is pretty upset with the response. Whatever.

This is 1983, dad no longer as mobile as he was at 64. Mom asked “you need a hair cut. Do you want to go today?”. Boy is no longer in sight as his family shifted out. Although only two sides above the ears have white hairs left, dad replied “yeah why not? Let’s go but we need a cab, maybe Joe could help”.

This is 1993, dad is almost bed ridden, mom is gone. Stay alone he depended on community services who usually drop by every Wednesday. “young man, you need a hair cut”, beamed the young volunteer. “yes I do. “. And he got one that morning, pretty happy with that cut.

This is 2003, dad has been bed ridden for the past three years, in the community hospital. Celebrating his 84th birthday coming Sunday, the hospital staff get a barber to cut dad’s hair so that he will be at his best. The whole hospital and the patients are looking forward to the birthday bash. Yet the barber is late for his appointment. “where is that barber you promised?” asked dad. “he must be having his own hair cut right now” humor from dad as he waited patiently.

This is 2011, at 92 dad became senile. Everyone that dropped by to see him will be asked “sunny, you need a hair cut. Do you want to go now?”. Dad seems to be longing too much for his boy to return all this while. We all knew that. It’s not just about the hair cut, it’s about companionship. It’s about someone to care for and being cared. But the boy is never in sight since he moved out.

This is a common story that I have imagined the past two days. Please drop by to see your old folks once a while. They are looking forward to see you, not your hair.


2 thoughts on “Hair cut

  1. a meaningful sensitive story which can be the inspiration for most of us on valuing the time with our parents while accompanying them even for a hair cut.

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