Mid-Autumn moonshine in my eyes

Lantern, once a year.

The Mid-Autumn Festival first celebrated more than 3,000 years ago in China. Till today, it is celebrated on the fifteenth day in the eighth calendar month of the Chinese calendar. Originally it was a worship of the moon and the harvest celebrations, today, in most countries where it is celebrated; it is more of a celebration of family and friends gathering with the lighting of lanterns and consumption of over commercialised moon cakes.

Also known as moon cake festival today, the younger generation in Malaysia would probably over indulged in moon cakes over the remembering the historic meaning of the festival. “Zhongqiu”, in Mandarin Chinese, festival was celebrated by farmers and their family and friends in September or early October to mark the end of the harvest season (fall). They also marked the occasion by admiring the fullest and brightest moon of the year whilst enjoying eating moon cakes and pomelos. Children with brightly lid lanterns can be seen walking in possession around the village. It is simply a joyous occasion.

This year 2011, it is celebrated today 12 september.

Happy Faces. Bright Lanterns.

3 thoughts on “Mid-Autumn moonshine in my eyes

  1. Miss the M’sia celebration. Here, you can’t see the local children carrying lanterns on mid-autumn. If you see any, most likely they are from SG or Mal! 🙂

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