Weekly Photo Challenge: Textured


The Free Dictionary, I found on google defines textured as the past participle or past tense of texture. And using as a verb:

“Give (a surface, esp. of a fabric or wall covering) a rough or raised texture: “wallcoverings which create a textured finish”.”

I found textures mostly in food! I don’t know why but eating them becomes tastier if the texture is outstanding. Luckily, each time I eats the camera is part of the menu!

Nasi Lemak

I like the combination of rice, fried chicken, sambal, peanuts, anchovies, cucumber and egg in this plate of Nasi Lemak. The texture is so appetising that never is never enough. Each has its own flavour and when combined, only your oral senses will tell you the beauty of the texture in a plate of Nasi Lemak. For more texture of this plate visit https://grightnow.wordpress.com/2011/04/18/good-old-nasi-lemak/ and


Good Old Nasi Lemak

Chinese Vegetable Dishes

Another style of cooking that are very much textured is Chinese cooking. The following are two which I can see much textures in the dishes. The first is a blend of two vegetables namely the long beans and the eggplant, cooked with dried shrimps. This is a Hakka style cooking. Hakka means “guests” and is a major dialect in China. The second, is also with eggplants, this time frying with minced dried shrimps. Yummy texture.

Nice texture on the plate

Dough Nuts

These are from you know where Dunkin’ Donuts, I particularly like the textures that they have brought to life with their otherwise plain dough nuts. This one is with a very contrasting strawberry on top of it and the taste blended so well with the vanilla based dough. The second one has a nice texture on it. The spread of the chocolate bits were so even that makes it so appetising!

Western Food

Equally textured are western food in my opinion. The materials used in these servings are basic meat and vegetables from the grocery but chefs and moms made them so appetising with the correct texture, giving each dish its distinct flavour. (photos borrowed from my lovely wife whom had made her maiden visit to Switzerland and France.


My favourite muffins are still those found in Kenny Roasters, made possible by the legendary singer and song writer Kenny Rogers. Their vanilla flavoured muffins are served warm, and that what made the difference! Look at the golden brownish texture they have and I am sure they tasted yummy.


Of western, macaroons are chewy cookie made from white-egg, sugar and either coconut or almond have become a crazy over this part of the world of mine. Pricey but taste sweet and chewy, it sure look appetising with the multiple colours they comes with. What a refreshing texture! (again, photos were borrowed from my lovely wife from her trip to Paris)


10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Textured

  1. Hi, loads of great textures here. Thanks for your comment, I was about to upload a picture of some food when your comment arrived. WIll upload it later today. Hope you like it when you see it. Respect.

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