Weekly photo Challenge: Hibiscus

This is our Malaysia national flower, the “Bunga Raya” scientifically named “Hibiscus”. Its red colour never failed to give a warm reception to visitors into our country. Come 31 August we will celebrate our Independence Day and this flower will once again given prominence as they will line our roads in the City of Kuala Lumpur.

This year, while I am always proud of this flower I am also wondering how we are going to celebrate our Independence Day given that our local political scenario is getting muddier each day. Both the ruling and the Opposition are logging in heads with more dirty tactics being revealed each day. Can we come together as one, just one day so that we can celebrate the auspicious day? One just for the sake of this beautiful flower?

I know the answer. The flower will remain the same but our unity will not. Anyway just put up a good show come 31 August.