Grown Up


Caught this view in the morning at the park nearby. Armed with my Ipad2 I quickly shoot this wonderful tricycle left by a little girl near the lake.

I like to give meanings to something I see, something that really caught my eyes and for this one I labelled it “Grown Up”.

I am in the impression that the little girl is no longer the little girl in my mind. She could probably have grown without one noticing and probably that explains why the tricycle was abandoned there.

Throughout our lives we could have overlooked someone growing up, be it our children, siblings, friends and even our parents! Before you realised, time has passed so much that we find our conversation, thoughts and views differs significantly. We have lost touch with our commonalities that we have shared in the past.

Our environment and our experiences, day in day out shapes our thinking pattern and how we understand the world we are living in. We often out grew our mental template, usually the one that has been moulded by our parents, our teachers in school or our elders. We constantly update our thought pattern as we process new information every minute.

I guess this little girl has grown up.


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