Argentina es un gran país!

 As I check my visitors list this morning I was surprised to see the first Argentinean visitor to my blog. Argentina has always fascinated me from my school days. With the green green grass of Alfalfa that I have learned from my Geography teacher. I have not touch nor seen one but the thought of the greatness of the Alfalfa grass that fed cattle there lingers.

In 1978, Argentina continues to fascinate me with their prowess in soccer winning the World Cup as a host. I still remember that summer, the great players in that winning team included Mario Kempes, Osvaldo Ardiles, Daniel Bertoni and Daniel Passarella. They are all my super heroes when they defeated Netherlands 3-1 in the final. Netherlands was strong than but the Argentineans managed to put the Adidas Tango into the net through “Super Mario” Kempes (2 goals) and Bertoni. Yes, remember the Adidas Tango?

 It was the dream of every kid then to kick one! It was so revolutionary then when a Tango was first kicked in the 1978 World Cup. Me too dreaming of having one, it is still a dream. That year was significant to me too when that was the first time I bought my first World Cup poster, to be exact it was $1.20 from a “supplier” fellow class mate! The poster showed pictures of all the sixteen teams in the Finals. Almost everyone in the school has one then and it looks good. Since then many people started wearing T-shirts with light blue stripes!


Argentina, as we know went on to produce great players in Diego Maradona and

Sebastian Veron; and in recent time Lionel Messi, Carlos Tevez, Maxi Rodríguez, Gonzalo Higuain and Javier Mascherano. Argentina is country so blessed with talents!

Argentina es un gran país!


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