Four Thousand Views now…@London

As you are reading this post I am already in my final hundred views that will take the total views up to four thousand.

As I looking forward to see another milestone in the days to come, my sympathy to those that have to deal with the riot in London. As properties being damaged and assets being looted all we can do is to be patient so that we do not aggravate the matter further. Meanwhile the World Championship for badminton is underway in London too. Malaysia’s hero Lee Chong Wei, as this post is made has qualified for the quarter-finals. He is gunning for his first World Championship title and he has got a good chance as he is currently ranked number one in the world ranking. Hope he and his team mates are safe in London.

I am also looking forward to the English premier League soccer to start but yet the riot in London may well see some matches postponed. My favourite team Liverpool will be up against Sunderland in this Saturday’s opening. All the best to Liverpool!





2 thoughts on “Four Thousand Views now…@London

  1. Congrats on the 4000.

    Such a shame about the riots. They weren’t widespread – very contained, and too much has been spoken about them. Let’s face it, it’s happening everywhere, the media coverage just made it seem worse as there was nothing else happening……

    Enjoy the soccer. DH watches, but I fall asleep……

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