Dream On…in Red

Dream on…Live your dream! Even if you aim for only the top four finishing and not the top finishing it is still a very good dream.

A realistic one for You’ll Never Walk Alone! Come next week August 13 every single fan will want to share your dream, they will want to stay awake at almost midnight to be with your home match against Sunderland. You have drawn them at home (2-2) and beaten them (2-0) last season and we are behind you again for a good start of the season. Don’t be bothered yet with your second match, with Arsenal and take one step at a time.

You will just need to work on your formation as the match against Valencia had seen some expectation gap at the middle line. But I am sure King Kenny is working on this. We will be working on this together too. Dirk Kuyt looks good, Andy Carroll is ready for top-notch season after his nightmare last season at Merseyside and with new boy Jordan Henderson taking care of on the right, you will be a good champion!

And of course, Luis Suarez will be making Liverpool proud on his no. 7!

Let the league begins!


5 thoughts on “Dream On…in Red

      • Hi Jane,
        I have realised that you have commented on this title Dream on…in red.
        Liverpool is one of the all time great soccer team (“football” in Europe) and their league, the English Premier League 2011/2012 starts this week and will play through till beginning of summer next year. I am a very keen follower of Liverpool since the days of Kevin Keegan, Kenny Dalglish (now their Manager) and Luis Suarez. Both greats like Kevin and Dalglish wore shirt number 7 and now its Suarez’s turn donning the magical shirt.

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