Is Life A Journey?

“Life is a journey” so the saying goes. Is that true? Why am I questioning this statement at this moment? I am not sure but just wondering whether it is really true so that I could take things more lightly as they have suggested. While some turn of events are good there were some that wasn’t pleasant at all. Should I take them likely, including the fact that I shouldn’t be reacting on them? Just taking them as it comes? Is there a destination?

Other than believing that I should be working very hard each day and achieving the best, I couldn’t really justify why I should be resting my laurels. I don’t find it comfortable, fearing that I might be worse off later on should I relax my urge to continue working on things. Perhaps that is what my journey is all about compared to other people. I feel there is a need to continue working on things and I feel more comfortable that way. I can’t stand seeing things not working the way it should although I have relax some of my expectation for the past five years. I felt threatened when things deviated from what I have in mind.

Have I seen other’s journeys? Yes I did and still enjoying (more like envy) seeing them especially the younger ones. I have seen them being more carefree than I was in their age. They have less worry and probably achieve more I guess. Sometimes I worry for them and sometimes I accept that their lives are also “journeys”. But mine? I am sure it is but I found that my journey would probably a little more challenging than theirs. I can’t enumerate here but I guess they are challenging and becoming more challenging each day. Was it because of what I have done or decided earlier? I think so but sometimes it is extremely difficult to reverse what have happened. I have had made the best decision of the day and have consequences that I am experiencing today. But I wouldn’t want to complain about them; neither I should be saddened over what happens.

With hopes and faith, each day I want to see things turning for better. I continue to be a little more creative in what I do, taking challenges one by one. Usually thinking harder why they have happened and finding the best way to deal with it. Sometimes I risk reacting on them because no matter how I deal with them, I am sure it will alter the direction of my journey. I fear the change in direction will invite more troubles than joy. But I guess my own motto of “Living with positive mind” should be handy here as I encounter my daily events. Most of the time I applied it to help others, sometimes I acted being positive but cautiously aware that my advise may be harmful. I don’t know, they could be some elements that can’t be explained and they are meant to remain suspicious and evasive when we talk about life being a journey. This applies to advice give to me too.

What about the destination? Is there one? Is there a conclusive destination when we talk about the journey of life? Palm readers will tell you there is one and those that can read your calendar will tell you your path. Believing in them making you conscious about your journey but would I? I fear of the worst things that they will tell me. And I will worry about not meeting up to my life expectation and will be too fanatic about faith in myself. I will not want to know and I think I already know the answer.

I will just live life the best I can, honouring the trusts of those in me, in whatever I do. In between, I have some fun.


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