Testimonial from Billy Low…received 17 July 2011

As you all may know, there is a lack of CIMA study support in Malaysia. Good lecturers are rare to come by whom can give their full support and dedication to their students. Mr Sum is one of them

I have known Sum since 2006 when I first met him in HELP International College of Technology (formerly known as Sepang Institute of Technology). He was the dean for “School of Professional Studies”.

Sum’s enthusiasm in explaining the difference between ACCA vs CIMA surprised me because unlike typical lecturers who only cared about securing courses, he actually took the time to slowly explain and present the details of each course. He also gave time for me to consider which course to register. This is one of Sum’s exceptional merit points.

I finally decided to opt for CIMA and our journey began starting with Diploma in Accountancy. Sum’s method of teaching emphasized on growth where he will first teach the basics, slowly moving on to advanced topics and challenges the student every step of the way. This is his uniqueness because he does not of spoon-feed the students but rather instill independence.

He is a very versatile lecturer, being able to teach finance, costing and management papers. His core papers are costing and finance.

Upon graduating from the Diploma achieving a CGPA of 3.79/ 4 I continued attending Sum’s classes for CIMA. He is the only person I met so far that is able to teach all the CIMA papers except for accounting subjects. This proves again his versatility in teaching.

Under his guidance paired with my hard work and some study support from CIMA I was able to achieve a straight pass for all my CIMA papers. I believe this would not be possible if it wasn’t for Sum’s undying passion to support and teach me despite his hectic schedule.

The CIMA paper is a very broad paper which encompasses various subjects in the business world such as strategy formulation, project management, costing, accounting, finance, marketing, and a little IT. It is not restricted to finance only.

I’d like to give my sincere recommendation to those who wish to take CIMA to work with Sum as he is an excellent lecturer that will surely support you all the way. Just like how he supported me all this while.

Working hard is essential to achieving success however when there comes a time where you feel lost in the darkness or confused you may need someone to lend a helping hand to pull you out and lead you back to the right path.


 Received from Billy Low via email on 17 July 2011.


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