New Visitor New Country! @ Belize

I must say that using WordPress is an adventure. This morning I have received a new visitor. As I glance at my flag counter, I saw a latest and new visitor from BZ! My first reaction was at last there is one visitor from the South America continent, which I longing for. But it wasn’t Brazil as the country code BZ shows as its flag is a simple circle in the middle, resembling Brazil’s but in blue. I immediately googled as found that the country is Belize, located in Central America! The map below shows exactly the location of this country.

Three countries enveloping Belize, mainly Mexico (in the north, ie the eastern part of Mexico), Guatemala (mainly on the west of Belize) and Honduras (at the south of Belize). Its eastern half faces the Caribbean Sea. Cool, I have learned something today.

As I googled, I have got to know that Belize is a for British colony and thus a member of Commonwealth. With a small population of less than half a million, this is the only English-speaking country having English as an official language in Central America. Other languages are also spoken in the country including Spanish and some local languages as in Garifuna, Maya and Plaudietsch.

Belize practices Constitutional Monarchy and parliamentary Democracy, which is similar to my country, only that we have a King of our own to lead the country since Independence in 1957. Belize received their Independence in 1981 with its largest city, Belize City as capital.

I will do more google search on this country but a rough scan shows they have great tourism in this tropical country! Meanwhile thank you to this visitor, you have expanded my horizon. Belize added the 36th country on my blog visitors list. Thank you and welcome.


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