Weekly Photo Challenge: 7-11

Many companies use numbers in their branding. Examples are Baskin Robins (31), Seven & I Holdings Co. of Japan. (7-11), Boeing (Boeing 747), Apple (Iphone 4), Sony (PS2), Microsoft (Windows 2000), Microsoft (Excel 2010), Auto Bavaria (BMW 3-series) and many more. Government Agencies uses numbers too such as 911 and local code dialing system. Commercial use of numbers are often related to the psychological retention of the numbers. 7-11 for instance would probably remind you that the opening of the stores are 24 hours a day and you can drop in anytime. Or telling you that you will be on a flight using Airbus A380 means that you can tell all your friends about it! Anyway, this is perhaps the smallest 7-11 store that I have ever seen. It can be found in Hong Kong Disneyland.

Smallest 7-11?

Are you attracted by BIG, NICE and IMPRESSIVE numbers?

*credits are given to the proprietary rights of the brand owners.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: 7-11

    • 7-11 is a convenient store concept that opens 24 hrs a day, owned by a Japanese company. The American popularised the concept but very much strategic for countries in the East primarily Japan, Hong Kong and the South East Asia, mostly operating on franchise basis. Thanks for visiting.

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