You Have A Right To Be Successful (obviously that is not written in the Constitution)

We have heard of various rights groups demanding equality, fairness, transparency, ethics and gender issues to name a few. To some people there are two rules existing at the same time, each applying to different parties to what we known as double-standards. Some have difficulty making the minimum in living standard because they were denied access to some basic rights, not because they are incompetent but it’s just that they are not one of them. It is too numerous to write about unfairness, inequality, mis-transparency, unethical as well as sexist and racism but we have to be mindful that those unbecoming are results of those in power for too long that have “changed” or “covered” the constitution for their own greed. At the end, the general layer of the population, those who have no power or bargaining interests, suffer. You may be too ideal to think that they can change all that in the election process but yet that is the only way. But on one condition that those who want to be in the new power should also be mindful and manifest equality and fairness. They must be ready to dismantle past poor rights policies, they must be bold to absorb criticism to remove privileges accorded to cronies, they must be strong to fight corruption (that may endanger themselves) and they must be keen to hear from those who need the new policy makers to make their lives better.

As an example, what has differentiated the success of businesses in Corporate America and those in the developing and under developed countries? Is that about how well their Constitutions were written by their forefathers? In general I think all Constitutions that were written have the people in mind, a simple logic where those who have written those would want to garner the support of the people back then. But seriously, why then the success rates are not the same? What has made things more complicated in the developing and under developed countries? What has not stopped innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, growth rate etc in Corporate America?

I am not suggesting that everything is flowery and green in Corporate America! I am just curious about the difference in the treatment of business conduct and presence in Corporate America as compared to others. It seems there were more policies and plans that are in place for them to flourish. Probably less bureaucracy, less favouritism or even less policies to be followed that made the difference. I don’t know. I think they are.

Or it could be that the developing and under developing countries were holding to strong on their culture, their sovereignty, the empathy or too inward looking that the western countries are exploitative. Could the culture of race division have taken the setback or is it greed that have gripped the less successful mentality? I intend to dismiss all these claims but yet I believe they are hinderance to the progressive of the people, the businesses, the respective countries and also their region. I am worried about the continued degradation of their access to clean water and energy, the “oppressive regimes” that dictate all prices of goods and services, the denial to transparency in managing state funds, the inequality of opportunities for the young and creative minds and the short termism of the leaders in planning for their countries. My biggest worry is that those in power has little listening skills on those economically challenged majority but has great ears for their friends.

I don’t know. I will not fully understand but I think I am significant enough to radiate proper perspective to the younger generation so that all of us have a right to success, without having to be buried by policies and unfair treatments by those in power. At the end we just want to live in a peaceful, reasonably priced and sustainable environment. True, and I have nothing else to demand.


One thought on “You Have A Right To Be Successful (obviously that is not written in the Constitution)

  1. I like what you have to say, comrade. Your heart is in the right place, and hopefully, so are many others.

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