What a weekend!

As I woke up this morning I have told myself to blog in my experience over the last two days. Not that I have been on a journey or on a bungee jump but the past two days traffic into my post on “Water” has been outstanding! I can’t imagine that a simple Weekly Photo Challenge submission has attracted so many interest on the subject. I have submitted some photos of Zhouzhuang, which is an ancient city sitting on water! Just in case you have missed it here it is again.


I have noticed the photos have attracted sizeable interest from our Western bloggers and I happy to note that they have great interest on this part of the world. Amazingly, the people in WordPress has done a good job by bringing bloggers together and start sharing! I think that is what life is all about.

Another thing I must write about if you notice my hit counts, is that I am reaching my first 3,000 views! For the record I have just started seriously on this blog site since January (or since the migration from Microsoft Live to WordPress to be more precise). I am looking forward to hitting 3,000 after posting nearly 90 posts and constant scratching of my head on what to write! I have been trying to write once a day but work is closely keeping tab on me, but I will try!

Along the way many fellow bloggers have given very encouraging praises and I will treasure them most. And also thank you for the fourteen subscription to my blog so far. Thanks. I think it is going to be another great week!


P/S I am home alone. My wife is on two weeks vacation in Europe, my daughter is with my dad and mom in Shanghai for 11 days. Me blogging.


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  1. You are thisclose!! And, look at all the people form all over the world who you are reaching. These are very interesting and diverse posts! Keep on posting – a little, a lot, pictures or not, just keep ’em coming 😉

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