Wisdom I practice

I have written the following lines of wisdom on my Facebook over the past month or so and perhaps we can ponder them over the weekend.

  1. Throwing stone at someone reveals your personality, not your supremacy.
  2. Animals survive through the jungle because they are self-dependent, what about the more intelligent human?
  3. When One travels to Ten countries One will find another Ten reasons to love his or her country.
  4. Some Dream, some Think, some Imagine and some Do.
  5. Mind over matters, Be Positive over Crisis.
  6. There are more leaves on a tree but the ones that stays firm are the roots.
  7. In good days I shield myself from arrogance, in bad days I hold on to my roots.
  8. In desperation we seek, in comfort we must not forget.
  9. MJ was right on Change Management, it starts with the man in the mirror.
  10. WALK a thousand mile to gain knowledge but never RUN away from your responsibilities.
  11. ABCs to resolve conflict, show your Agreement, Behaviour and Concern.
  12. Harness from those with strengths, be generous with fertilizers working with the weak ones.
  13. If you have reached the end of the road don’t despair. You just have to find another route.
  14. If I can find great food and friends during my journey, never mind the destination.
  15. A winding road reminds us of obstacles, a straight road reminds us to be diligent.
  16. It takes only ONE act of kindness for a THOUSAND to follow.
    It takes ONE act of arrogance for a THOUSAND to despise.
  17. The sun will be up whether or not you are ready.
  18. When you see small rivers, be humble in crossing them.
    When you see big rivers, cross them wisely.
  19. While one might GAIN something today don’t forget, one have LOST yesterday.



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