How to make people crazy about Satay!

Would I spend $10 million on a publicity and marketing campaign just to get people crazy about Satay? Yes, as crazy as the Rubik’s Cube, Tamagothci and the recent success of Angry Bird? Of course Satay is not a toy, a game or even a character. It is a type of food typically found in the South East Asia countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei off-hand.

What concept of publicity or campaign can one carry to promote Satay? Will it be like Rio? Portraying exotic birds from the largest green tropical forest in the world and linking them to Rio (de Janeiro that is) and of course some cartoon characters. Will it work with this exotic food from the same green tropical forest, probably a thousand kilometres away on the same Equator line eastward? Will that be in an animated form, that will fit into a food campaign? The message in Rio is great I think, where marketing a place or country is concerned. It also has the whole idea about the greatest annual party in the world Rio Carnival Parade, fully build and focused along with the troubles Blu had with his captors. Can’t imagine how Satay will be portrayed in an adventure along with some local characters such as Lat or even Upin and Ipin! Seriously should we consider a campaign along this idea?

What about the way Vuvuzela was promoted last summer during the World Cup in South Africa? It became an instant icon and one can now buy them everywhere in the world today, just like Yoyo and Rubik’s Cube. The craziness over Vuvuzela I think was phenomenal with its ease of use. The design is (super) simple and functionality assured. In addition, the most important thing is people crazy over them…people wants to own one just like the IPod, IPhone or an Ipad! I think I would also want people to consume Satay, wherever and whenever they want as I have written in my earlier post. ( I would like to see Satay being served its purpose as in the form of a meal, snack or even convenient food? Maybe and it depends how one market them.

How about marketing Satay as one that touches emotions just like the one on Angry Bird? This game catches millions of downloads within two weeks of its launch and the success can be difficult to emulate! As emotional as possible users were drawn and drowned in this game touching their emotions and continue to wanting more where now Angry Bird has been sensationalised as soft toys. There have to be magic involved in the marketing of this character and it is not by chance that we see this new celebrity! Angry Satay anyone? What is the magic?

Will Satay ever popular along with their food cousins like Baskin Robins (longer preparation time but short serving time), KFC (also longer preparation time but short serving time), Tony Ramos (longer preparation time and more trouble in serving them to you) and (any)Sushi (short preparation and serving time)? Was that the reasons why Satay is not competitive? What made BR, KFC, Tony Ramos and (any)Sushi thick? Marketing? Has to be! (of course customer value inclusive).

Its a multi billion dollars industry out there and I think there are some marketing solutions out there. Changing how we sees Satay, changing the way we eats them, changing the way we buys them, changing how we store them or even changing the way we brand them? Not sure but I know the solutions are out there. I am positive a $10 million campaign will work and worth the effort.


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