MU and Messi: Finale

zfinalThe stage is set and the party is on the way. Which ever the score favours, both parties will celebrate the epitome of European club football success. What continues to amaze me is that football competitions in Europe never fails to excite football fans. Newer names of post-South Africa World Cup 2010 emerges and the stars never failed to deliver. In addition the movement of fans thronging stadiums in full support of their teams at each stages are never-ending loyalties.

This time in Wembley it will the same, it is going to be full and its going to be super charged as the English expect the influx of Spaniard fans (not really, Barca like MU have fans from all around the world). MU vowed not to repeat their disappointment in 2008/2009 and have promised to attack, attack and attack! Will that neutralise the expected attacks from Barca super trio? Better believe in MU as they have paraded a set of non-starters that had walloped Schalke 04 in the semi-finals. Will that be the last European gamble for Sir Alex before he closes his managerial chapter?

MU fans will come in full force and witness the greatest finale for their beloved goal keeper Van Der Sar and they too promises the greatest farewell for this most illustrated MU goalie in the past decade. Same goes for maestro Giggs whom in his early years in MU have personally seen Liverpool dominated the EPL and now personally involved with MU winning the unprecedented 19th league titles just before he retires, all that with MU! Will this Champions League title adds to the already glamorous UK wedding of the decade?

As a firm believer of British football, although little success has taken place in the past number of World Cups, I think Fergie’s line up will determine whether MU will be the champions. We have to give credits to the man who is going to drive the team to a May month double, having have to put up with local competitors from Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool and Hotspur in the premier league. The road to the Champions League were never easy too. They have put Valencia, Rangers, Bursaspor, Marseille, Chelsea and Schalke 04. This gentleman is an evidence of the believe systems the board in MU has entrusted on all these years. Although the English FA has been putting up with him with his strong criticism on teams, managers, players as well as the FA itself, they never dismiss that Sir Alex is someone who they admire. Perhaps he deserves another recognition for this upcoming success.

Will Messi put his stamp in Wembley and spoil the party for MU? Will he be just doing his job for his employer? I think his teammates will be looking up on him if not the fans. I think he will want to put his mark on European success too. It would not be easy but Messi is young and he is intelligent. But as usual he will not underestimate his opponents. he will work very hard to find gaps in the defence, he will test the walls before finding ways to break them. He is a thinker as I notice him from the 2010 World Cup. In that World Cup although he did not have an impressive scoring sheet to show he has been the brain behind most of the goals that Argentina has recorded. Will he change his role this final and catch everyone by surprise? Just watch out but certainly Sir Alex will not want to discount it. If he did his two other terrors, Xavi and Iniesta will be at work and at their best! At least we know it has worked against Real Madrid.

What about Rooney, Javier and Berbatov? They are in the kitchen cooking something special for Barca. Prediction 1-0 and be prepared for extra time on May 28!


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