Visiting Kuala Lumpur @ $20?

ZRTWSomeone asked me a fortnight ago what would be the best way to get foreign visitors to our lovely country Malaysia. And I replied that I might not be the best person to answer that.

Yes, honestly. But I do have a dream of running accommodation for these foreign visitors that would not want to spend too much money on accommodation or probably those on a shoe string budget.

On pasts occasions I have been very passionate about introducing the beauty and interesting food, culture and places to foreign tourists. (noticed that politics are out of the equation?) I have always jumped into the opportunity to drive them around whenever I can and I am proud of doing just that! I think sometimes I can be a good personal tourist that these tourists wants. So far my foreign friends and foreign students have been “served” well and they have no complaints.

Coming back to my dream, I would like to visualise that I have an average of say, four visitors staying in my homestay per day and I would be busy ferrying them around from spot to spot to experience the wonders of Kuala Lumpur. It would be a good career considering that you are contributing directly to the tourism of your country! I can also imagine that I will throw in daily breakfast and dinner.

On a typical trip I would expect the visitor would stay for two days in the capital before I help them to make ground arrangement for them to visit other part of the country. I would imagine if I do it properly I may be able to transfer them to my network of associates that have the same passion. That would greatly add value to our customers.

Would that be a bargain if I charge you $20 per person night stay? And charging an additional $5 per person day for ground transportation covering only scheduled visits to tourist spots? Will you buy the idea? (only foreign visitors need to feed back, thank you)

Everyone can see Kuala Lumpur’s beauty!

P/S US Dollars applied.


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