A Doctorate to my mother

Mothers’ Day is this Sunday. Again it is the time we pause whatever we are doing to think, recollect, cherish and to acknowledge the mostly unsalaried member of the family but whom we have very high expectations. She has no off days every year but still excel in her duties, most of the time exceeding a salaried person in a firm or family. Medical and work place benefits accorded to her are nil but yet she is capable of providing them to you instead! She is in charge of the complain bureau in the family and yet most complaints were about her, but yet she managed to change everything to the better!

This year in my heart I will accord her with a Doctorate of Life Philosophy. This Doctorate will be a collection of all Degrees that she have earned, one by one while she is on the job.

Happy Mom's Day!

To start off, I think she deserves a Degree in Psychology. She manages all of us in the family with high level of compassionate hearing, great degrees of care and significant generosity of experience sharing. I know how difficult she was when she breaks good and bad news, yet she has done it so gracefully well that many will not even noticed the communications that she has devised in her duties. Throughout my life she hints, she points and she instructed, yet her children obeys faithfully with little resistance. I think she deserves the degree.

I think she also deserves a Degree in Management. She manages not only the physical structures in the house but those of the human needs. Putting herself as the Chief Executive she managed to organise our school going needs, our free time during holidays and even our esteem needs, especially in time of small conflict once a while! Her exemplary project management skills were simply outstanding evidenced from keeping of the cultural and religious practices, the feasts that we have occasionally and even managing our children’s need ie. her grandchildren.

A Degree in Financial Management should follow next. I can’t imagine until today, how she has managed the tight budget over the years! No body has ever given her a formal classroom instruction on budgeting, credit control and financial management. I know very well at times she and dad had worried over the house finances. We were then  too young to help but both had managed to pull things through without we feeling a pinch. In fact I can’t emulate their feat today. There were too many times that we were handed monies whenever we ask and I must say that mom and dad have not disappointed us but my respect to the way they have managed those financials.

A Degree in Engineering will be fitting for she seems to be able to fix almost everything in the household! From torn shoe laces to torn pages from the book or even having difficulties putting on a tie! I remembered that when I was 12 and was made a prefect in my school and as prefects we were provided with ties. For our age at that time the time came with a plastic adapter along with a strung tie. One day at the very beginning of the year the plastic adapter broke and terrified me as there were no replacement unless you buy a new tie. But mom did sewed in a pant’s hook on the tie and it serves well for the entire year until I graduated primary school!

I have to also mention the Degree in Tailoring and Fashion. In our early years, she had sewed us shirts, pants, blankets, dresses and even hand-held bags. Her skills were very well demonstrated when she worked on her sewing machine and I recalled admiring her on those moments. One of her most treasured creation was a pair of pant she sewed for me which I proudly wore them wherever we went. It was a purple-coloured pant and I think I looked good in that. My brothers and sisters were also proud of her creations. Most of her creations, especially the blankets were made from off-cuts or remainders collected from many sources or past sewing. She would cut the cloths into little triangles and sewed the together to make a full-scale blankets, very warm blankets indeed.

I will not miss out a Degree in Food Preparation. Her cooking is still great until today and I do noticed that lately she tries and blends in the latest cooking! Her ever tireless cooking on a daily basis should be very well acknowledge not only to fill up our basic nutrition need but also as a means to bring the family closer together. Of course I must mention also the effort of dad in helping cleaning up of pots, plates and cutleries after each meals deserved our admiration.

There were of course many more examples to blog here but trust me words were not enough to describe the amount of attention and details that were given to the family. I salute your effort, dad and mom!


3 thoughts on “A Doctorate to my mother

  1. You are so right about moms being the most learned members of any family. To all the degrees you so rightly mention, I would add the Dcotorate of Leadership, as she always leads by example and works to keep the peace–collaboration and cooperation are not just watch words in business these days. I am working on a tribute to my mom–and your loving details helped jog my memory on details I might mention as well.

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