Why did I run away?

Why did I run away? Look at the next photo.

This photo shows that I am running away…in fact running for my life! It wasn’t the tsunami nor the high tide gushing in at this lovely picnic seaside resort. I have been asking, do we always run away when we are terrified over things? Things that probably we have never experience before? Without exception I too sometimes running away from unfamiliar territory so that I will not be caught without a response in an awkward situation. Maybe I am being too critical to myself sometimes but perhaps thats the most favourable choice at that point in time.

In this photo you can see that I ran with all my might. My facial expression showed that something disastrous will happen any seconds if I don’t start running! I have to leveraged on my legs to carry me over the ankle knee-deep waves on the shore, with my hands swinging as hard as I could hope that they will give some aerodynamic effect for my finishing line. I wasn’t thinking about the finishing line though but hoping that I can reach somewhere safer, some more comfortable zone.

Wasn’t that what life is all about? Doing something proactive and reaching a zone that can put you in control (of your own life?). Sometimes the uncertainties imbalances you, you feel unevenness of your ground. You sometimes wish that the ground or the environment will be more stable. Perhaps thats what they called “Change”. Change has been known as the most permanent thing in this world as it occurs every single measure of time. Literatures have been written about managing change where the process of proper change will reduce or even motivates change in people, process or even in build structures. We can’t run away from change. Change is all around us. We need to respond though, sometimes we were successful and sometimes not. But the thought of continuing to change must be there, responding and evolving with the forces of change.

Don’t be afraid of change.

Run for your life!

You must see the bigger picture in order to change. In this bigger picture I was actually running away from my younger brother! He can be seen collecting some sand to be thrown at me. I can sense that coming and make a dash for my life!

Those were the days!


2 thoughts on “Why did I run away?

  1. great post. I sometimes hate the thought that change is the only constant 😦 I don’t always adapt well. But in the end, it always helps grow us in some way.

    • It’s Ok and we are all learning to adapt to changes. There is no benchmark whether we succeed or not. Have a great day and thanks for dropping by.

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