Politically right in celebrating: What’s Next?

I felt threatened reading that the US was erupted in celebration yesterday! I don’t feel safer with that achievement, in fact I felt more insecure. Why did I say that? As in any academic studies, I think many formulations and theories are rested with the fact that certain assumptions are in place. Certainly the assumption that the whole Al-Qaeda operations rested only in one man, namely Bin Laden is definitely illogical. I am not a political scientist nor a rocket scientist but certainly what crossed my mind for the last 16 hours was “What’s Next?”

Has the US won the war against Al-Qaeda? Or should I ask if Al-Qaeda was the only harmful element in the world? Does the Al-Qaeda has no other people in it? Do you think Osama was so much on the run that he has forgotten al-Qaeda’s succession plans? Are they more notorious and dangerous men out there? Do you think the US citizen can rest on their laurels and assume that Al-Qaeda is as pasts as the typewriter?

Or do you think that the Al-Qaeda will just cease-fire and tell the world that they were wrong with their fightings for the last many bombings and towers felling? Have the US forgotten that the five planes that created havoc on the morning of September 11 was not mend by one individual (probably using a remote control) but a network of trusted men? Have the US forgotten that if Al-Qaeda can and has removed the pride of Americans (WTC) they will not be able to achieve this again?

I just cannot understand why was the celebration! Do you think that it will not create a sense of revenge among those pro-Al-Qaeda? I am not sure if the US intelligent know how many more organised operations in the world that could harm the people like me. We all have been fighting for peace and have the US forgotten that this celebration will cause more damage than good? Why create more anger! I am sure this is not the US style of secrecy. I am sure the US is not so in-intelligent to celebrate this occasion and inviting more troubles! Or is this just another conspiracy?

I am not sure, neither I am against the people celebrating. It is just not right I think. Do not underestimate the fury of revenge! Should there be a revenge, (again that I am not a political scientist nor a rocket scientist), should we play the blame game again and start to blame the descendents of Osama or someone else? Should we also take the blame because we celebrated too? Do you know how BIGGER will be their operations should they launch another attack? Where and when will be something I have to live fearing, do you understand that?

Should we blame Obama? I hope by now the UK is not celebrating! I hope the celebration will not send a message across the globe that force and brutality rules. Look at the message that was spread across the internet and press, do you realise that the wordings used were just to provocative? Any criminals or terrorists will not be happy and I am pretty sure of that.  (again that I am not a political scientist nor a rocket scientist)

The celebration has prompted the whole world now to increase their security alert level. Are that necessary? Torturing us with more fear ever than before. Should there be another attack, anywhere around the world should we blame the US? Is it fair to subject us to this as the US celebrates their quests? In many religion, including mine, moderation and the middle path are the way of life. Why would someone like Osama and US would want to go to the extreme and put everyone at risk?

I am not sure and again I must stress that I am not a political scientist nor a rocket scientist. But I know you have the answer!

(Just for the record, this post of mine has the highest number of QUESTION MARKS than ever before. Re-read them and think sensibly.)


5 thoughts on “Politically right in celebrating: What’s Next?

  1. Bin Laden represented the fear Americans lived with after 9/11. His death was a moral victory to them. The death of someone who has vowed to kill you is a cause for celebration–if you see it as a black-and-white case of kill or be killed, which many do. I think most of the world understands this.

  2. I was only cheering and laughing cause they did the same to us, what comes around goes around, and he got what was coming for him, I don’t feel any safer, just happier.

  3. For me, it was the way in which people were celebrating. Some claimed the world was being rid of evil with his death.

    In my town however, people were starting fires in the streets and using it as an excuse to get drunk.

    Still, death is not something I would ever want to celebrate.

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