Anatomy of a good driver

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It is not the physical things that we have that made us a good driver and neither the genetic issue that build an impressive chauffeur. But what is that? I am very keen to write this post because I want to share what made up of a good driver in our modern-day society. There were too many times young drivers were killed in unwanted accidents on the road, neither that I want to accuse that younger driver is less smart on the road. I will structure in such a way that I cover the very essential characteristics that made a reliable driver. (Notice that I have use various description of a driver in this paragraph?)

I will probably start with the most important that is emotion. I do agree that we all drive with our emotion attached to the steering wheel. Sometimes when we happy the journey seems to be much faster as we have good motivation to eagerly reach our destination, or simply the journey is enjoyable although its laden with traffic jams! There are of course many drivers driving in anger, frustration and even in a very depressing mode. I think their driving will be a little more aggressive and you can see them on the road most of the day. I think we need to control our emotion when driving too, not just from the beginning of the journey. Sometimes our emotions change when someone severed into your path, sometimes from a distracted phone call or even annoyance from the kids in the car. We need to control our emotion otherwise we may make errors or aggression than may harm ourselves, the people in the car that have entrusted their well-being to us and also other road users.

I must also stress that a good driver also has to be very alert when he or she is driving. Alert, I define as the ability to maintain the vehicle free from trouble or potential hazards. Some of the alertness we must have include the anticipation what the drivers around you will react should some thing happen ahead or near a junction. It also cover the need to be alert at all times how your stall your car, where you park your car or even when to overtake, because it matters! Be always aware that your actions may harm other road users.

A good drive always plan his or her journeys. Knowing the precise route, knowing the lane you should be on and keeping left (in my country) if you are unsure of the junctions are the top of my lists. Not only it helps me to a smoother journey but it also keep the unnecessary stress of making correction away, especially you are late. I for many years of driving (and still is) made it a point to reach early at my destinations. It ranges from a thirty minutes to an hour depends on how important is the appointment.

Keeping a correct speed limit is definitely important and I am not suggesting that you must driving at the speed of the snail. Keeping up with the speed of the traffic flow, I think is reasonable. Even when there is no vehicles in front of me I tried not to speed and likewise I keep the same speed of the flow in area of moderate to slow traffic. It will keep everyone happy and not inviting trouble makers!

Respecting other road users would also end up in my top ten list of good drivers. Our society today has seen arrogant, disrespectful and selfish drivers, who think that they are the only rightful user of the road. Sorry to say that you may appear to be correct but behind those windscreen they were laughs telling how foolish you are! Of course we weren’t angry, it’s just that we wish your action will not harm others and you inclusive. We are sad to see newspapers reporting the deaths on the road, potential yours should you continue to be disrespectful.

The license to drive is not a privilege but a reminder for us to be cautious and fulfil our responsibilities on the road. Remember you are mending the biggest machine that you ever mend in your entire life… the car. It weights more that a tonne and I hope you do know the power of the car. If you add in your aggression, the car will look very ugly. It is going to be a mean machine, potential life threatener and of course no one will welcome.

I do hope the above spells some of the anatomy of a driver that most people will welcome. We all have loved ones and I am sure they want us to be around sometimes. Do not fail them because you have failed yourself.

Drive carefully and please keep it hands free!


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