Funny Near-Disaster

As I finish work the other day, I walked to the parking lot to collect my car, of which I was eager to reach home early after a long day. Stopping by the parking payment machine I took out my wallet to retrieve my parking ticket. I slotted in the ticket and the lovely voice from the machine told me that it was $5.50. I then reach out for my notes and guess what! I have only ONE ten dollars bill in my wallet! I have forgotten that I have spent my money the night before and I have not replenish them from an ATM.

“It’s Ok, its enough. Thank God.”, I said to my self as slot in the bill. Thinking that I would not use anymore bills today as I am heading home, I retrieve the change and my ticket before heading to my car. As I drove out of the parking lot, the music on my car radio set stole my attention so much that the next few kilometers was a breeze though it was the usual after office hour jam.

At one of the traffic lights junction my attention was distracted momentarily as I remember a restaurant that sells ethnic Indian rice. Without hesitation I drove straight to the restaurant with my mind setting on the mix curries they have in the restaurant. I then quickly find a spot to park and made a dash in. They serves good fried chicken and variety of curries, of which I like them all mixed up. It gives a truly ethnic Indian flavour and taste that I quickly ordered some immediately.

As I sat down to take my first bite someone called my name. I looked up and immediately recognised that it was one of my students that I have taught one semester ago. We exchanged a few greetings and he introduced his family to me. It was great to see him and his family were great too i think. They then occupied the table adjacent to me while I went back to my curries. I truly enjoyed the rice so much that meal.

I have enjoyed it so much that without realising that I have come to my last bite. I was truly satisfying! Finished off my drink I picked up the tab and my bag and start heading to the counter to pay for my meal. The tab shows eight dollars and fifty cents and I thought that was fair as it was a great meal! As I reach the counter I retrieve my wallet, open it and just realised that I have only four dollars and fifty cents. My adrenalin rush in at that moment think what will happen should I declare that I have not enough money! It would be embarrassing I think. No cards will be accepted, no check will be entertained…just plain old cash!

That split second thoughts put me into a twilight zone, fearing only the worst as I hand over the tab and ready to declare that I have not enough money. The lady cashier was good enough to tell me “Your friend has paid that for you”. “What a LUCK!” I remembered telling myself. Thank God! And of course I immediately walked over to my student and thanked him too. (of course I didn’t tell him that I have not enough money.) But I guess if he is reading this post he will be smiling by now.

Looking back I know there were something that we experiences cannot be explained. Somehow or somewhere they are help around us, some angel that will be at the right place and the right time to help us. Do I need to worry too much over everything?  Maybe not anymore as the late John Lennon’s song says “Let it Be”.


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