Chips California Highway Patrols :) we need them!

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“Chips” reminded me of the 80s series of two motorcycles patrol men from the California Highway Patrol. Me and my brothers were great fan of these two heroes, ever ready on the bikes along the high and freeways in California looking for reckless drivers and solving traffic related crimes. The series had open my perspective of the roles highway patrolmen should play.

In my country, traffic policemen likes to hide behind bushes and under bridges with the cameras, filming speedster and sending summonses via the post (slow mail? can’t they be more resourceful?) Of course this practice has irked many in the past but yet the question is “will it be fair?”. There were to many times that “apparent mistakes” were found gainst the traffic police of their speed allegations where the filming were either not accurate or not clear! Of course in the process, wasting tax payers money!

Yesterday the Deputy IGP made a calling that policemen should come out of their hiding to enforce the law. Why now? Was it because a Hero was killed because of a (or two) reckless drivers few days ago? ( Was that just an assurance due to the mounting calls for enforcement or will that call be enforced?

I remembered how the two heroes in CHIPS, Ponch and Jon would standy by the Highways ever ready to stop reckless drivers. I mean, that was back in the 80s and now we realised that our country need to emulate that, ironic. What ever it is, lets see if it ever enforced. I have not much confidence in that until I really see them with my own eyes. In fact many of my foreign visitors have asked me why there were no patrol cars along the highways! (Of course after witnessing countles formula one drivers we have on our highways). In fact I like the idea and have been talking about that for ages but each time I heard that we do not have enough resources, not enough policemen and patrol cars (guessing?).

Ponch and John, in this series have adopted many educational approach in advising motorists. Of course one may argue that what you see on the TV set is a drama or a mock up but nevertheless their approach should be lauded. We should have more patrolmen like them! We should have more patrol cars on the highway, ready with their engine on so that they can outrun speedsters (and busses!). They need to stop them as they have killed to many innocent people!

As I wrote this I am emotionally sad to hear the death of our Hero. Please get in touch with local press and donate generously to the Ong’s family, for they have lost a good dad and a hero.


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