I can see it coming again!

On March 25, about a month ago, I wrote “I can see it coming” in anticipation of my 1000th hit. https://grightnow.wordpress.com/2011/03/25/i-can-see-it-coming/ The 1000th hit came through a day later than expected because it happen to be a Sunday where I noticed that the traffic to my blog was slow.

This month, April is a pretty good month for my blog. I have received 826 hits as of yesterday (since April’s fools day) and again I must write the same title again as now I am anticipating my 2000th hit. I think it will come through sometimes next week. Fingers crossed. Last week I hit 303 hits in a single week with 238 the week before.

I will also hit another record where my April month (as to date 826 hits) has surpassed my March record of 688 hits. The average of 37 hits a day should also be better than 23 hits a day in March.

Just reporting and thank you for your continuous support!


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