Trying out Re-Post :))

Re-Post from February 18, 2011

Thinking already what to write for the day, curiously I told myself what about recycling one piece of post and see what is going to be the response. Well, I told myself again why not? Let’s give it a try to see if some one remembers this piece. Ah! which one should I re-post?

Should that be the one that you love most? Or the one that has given you the highest hits? I am not sure which one to select because lately, the views have been good. Especially when I have learnt to tag them properly. I too have pasted some photos and some banner that I have them made amateurish on Powerpoint before turning them to jpg format. In addition I found that reciprocal visits are so important that I am beginning to receive more feedback or comments.

Still, which one should I re-post? Will that be the one that has help to make the highest posts for the week? Or the highest post for the month? Or shall it be the one that has shown the most impressive self-shot photo. Color or Black and White? Shall it be the one that was the longest in word count? Or the shortest!

I think I will be a little paradox this time. I will choose one that I believe that has failed miserably in terms of views or hits. I felt that this post has not received it fair share of views, maybe previously I have not position this very well. I guess many would probably missed this one. I believe it should have more attention. Well, give a try again! Here you go. This was posted before on February 18, 2011. Enjoy!


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