Child Protection and us

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June the first is going to come soon and thats International Children’s Day. Its time to renew our commitment to protect our children of the world. Everyday we hear of child abuse and at times we feel helpless. In most cases we have high hopes that the authorities would do more to address this problem. Wait! Wouldn’t that “we” are the authorities? Its we that have to do more, doing more than just protecting the children. We have to stand up and address the issue. We have to empower ourselves to fight child abuse. Children, it their own right, have the right to be protected. Protection from abusive parents, adopted parents or anyone that known or unknown to them, right from within their home.

In many countries, there are laws to provide these children right for proper home, proper education, proper nutrition and even the right to education. With these issues attended, the children will grow up properly under watchful eyes of the adults. Failure to do so would render these children fending for themselves in the adult world, finding food under the watchful eyes of the evil adults on the streets. Some even became so defenceless and have to be prostituted in the flesh trade or their arms amputated for the begging industry which is highly organised across the globe!

Adding salt to the wound, some parents were also known to be so abusive that they kept their child or children to chains, working as child labour to feed them or even selling their child. Its happening everywhere, believe me. In schools children must also be protected, we have heard of teachers, peers or even janitors or school guards have been abusive from petty molestation to rapes. Some even abused by their charges to carry and peddling drugs. Quiet corners in schools mustn’t be left attended and giving room to these predators. School authorities must put the children in their safety list as priority.

Out in the playground we have heard that children disappear, children lured into quite corner and children met with accidents such as electrocution, drowning and even fatal road accidents. What have we done to address these issues? Lets stand up and do something to protect these innocent and happy children.

In some poorer and undeveloped countries, child prostitution and begging still exists. there must an international call for action to stop syndicates that we all know exists! We know they are here and we need to step up our effort. I am grateful that in my country NGOs (non-governmental organisations) are actively fighting this cause. Perhaps the responsibilities should be widen to cover each and every one of us. The effort by the US to list sex-offenders is a good move, at least we know who are they, particularly those that have even been involved in child related abuse.

Lets stand up this year for the children. Together we can make a difference!


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