Pictures that only I can see…

Files and photos sharing capabilities in major communication or social network such as Facebook and YouTube has, to certain extend revolutionised how we share our experiences with someone within our network and those without. I am beginning to be part of that life cycle, sharing good and bad moments with people associated with me. I have broken many barriers of communication and sharing, that otherwise I would not, for instance sharing some of my private and social happenings. The feel good factor in sharing, I think, has prompted many more people openly feeding photos to their friends therefore  closing further affections.

Being born in the mid sixties I wasn’t that lucky as most of my good times were not captured properly in electronic media. On occasions I did have some photos taken by my uncles and aunties but my family, as far as I can remember doesn’t own a camera. Looking back, I did have some cute shots when I was younger and while growing up. They were mostly printed copies and at this time most of the photos are turning yellow and brownish.

I personally think that they were too many pictures that was not printed at that time and I know they were too precious to regret. Technology wasn’t there when I grew up, let alone owning a camera. How I wish I could have those moments captured!

I remembered that going to the morning market with my grandmother was an adventure although my role is only to help carry a basket load of vegetables and meat (two sometimes). I was in my early teen then. The scene at the market was superbly colourful and people in the market was so lively and simple. The characters in the market was so happy doing their trade and most housewives were also equally generous in exchanging good wishes as they shop. I still remember very clearly that my favourite stall was the fish stall where my adventure brought me to see many different type of fishes, and yes one day they brought in some baby sharks! I remember asking my grandmother why would not she buy the baby sharks and her respond was that their meat taste bitter should one do not have skills in cooking them. I can remember her facial expression in telling me that and how I wish it was captured on print!

On few occasions me and my brother have the opportunity to board public buses, brought by my mum to go to the town to shop. The view from the bus was fantastic especially when you are highly elevated inside the bus. Outside, the shop houses, people, bicycles and trees looked smaller from the bus! The view is simply still clear in my mind and I can tell you that as the bus moves, everything that was smaller to me moves together to the back of the bus only to discover more things smaller in the front! You just have to feel the glory I experienced on the bus ride!

The scene in front of my secondary school is another that keep me cherishing all this while. they were two mobile stalls, one selling drinks and fruits while the other selling cendol. The picturesque scene of students crowding the stalls was electrifying as everyone tried to grab their drinks fast and of course the view of them gobbling up fruits was simply great! I can’t describe enough how fast the sellers in serving the students, each time before and after school. It was simply great! But unfortunately there were no photos of these events to show you.

The above are just a small fraction of my memories that I always wish they were recorded somewhere and were printed out so that everyone can have a piece of the action. To me they are precious “photos” that will forever remained in my mind. I can’t show them to you. It is only for my private viewing, each day, sad to say.


5 thoughts on “Pictures that only I can see…

  1. Very good memories you have, something like going to the market with your granny is simple and yet worth treasuring than any other memories. It has value of love and moment shared with person you loved! Thanks for visiting me!

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