17/365 A letter to my 16 years old self.

Today I am left without anything to write mainly because I have had a long day. The day was filled with classes and meeting and my body and mind could not write for today’s post. I recollect nevertheless, that I have written something before, probably five years ago, a letter to my sixteen year old self.. You can read it again here.



16/365 Complicated relationships

“Don’t worry, you will be fine”

Complicated relationships.

Maths always ask you to find her X wirhout telling you Y.

Chemistry has you figure out what happen to C when she breaks up with O2.

Physics makes you wonder what happen to E when mc square her out.

Biology makes you wonder what happens to the heartbeat when he sees her.

Geography let us figure out if a long distance relationship will lasts

Englush tests you what will happen to s when he is with many people (plural)

….. lol….just me and my imagination

14/365 Are you searching?

“the river is so deep”

A while ago I played Billy Joel’s “The River of Dreams”, it was a beautiful song especially when you are playing it in the middle of the night. I am inspired to write about this tile “Are you searching?”

So are you searching?

Have you lost something in the past that you work very hard now to find or recover? If there is, then what it is? Will it be the lost friendships? Lost time and opportunities?  Lost direction and patience?

Or that you are looking for something that you don’t even know it was lost or taken away? Or simply that you need to look for something that would make you feel better once you have found it? Or something that your instinct tells you to find to complete what you have now?

Will that also be a case that you are searching for something that others do not have? Like something of a magic potion of lasting youth? Or simply something to make you feel better because it will make you unique? Or perhaps the thing you are looking for is priceless? Fame? Fortune?

Or simply searching because you are not sure what you are have right now? Food for thought. Good luck in your search!




13/365 Friday the 13th

“I am going to execute my plans and I am going to enjoy them”

Today is Friday the 13th. It is midnight here in my country and I ask myself how was the day has gone?

To be extremely honest, I have achieved all my targets I set out to do today. Pretty long schedule that takes me from 9.00 to 7.00 in the evening! Am I dead tired. Of course no because I am still keying these words so that I could post them before I sleeps.

What powers my energy today? Was that the symbolic number 13 and happens to be a Friday. Obviously no. But I guess the energy inside me that says “I wanted to accomplish something today” has done the trick! Again and again that is, day in day out! Everyday is an exciting day to me, because I have another opportunity to do what I like to do, especially executing my plans I have for the day, usually planned the night before. I keep close to my schedule, sometimes I give very tight deadline for myself!

Tomorrow (see? I am doing so unconsciously) I will speaking on risk management to a group of strangers who will be sitting for one of the toughest examinations in the world. I need to bring them into the topic without telling them its dead boring and sometimes just an academic rhetoric year after year and not practiced in the real world! I believe this is possible but my audience would behave like anyone else when it comes to this topic. I have an enormous task tomorrow actually. I remain positive, I know I can do it and I will just shut off and sleep after posting this. Let my conscious mind do the work as I rests.

You see what I mean? I have already exciting plans for tomorrow. Peanuts!

Cheers and have a good weekend!




12/365 Hair Cut – a repost

They are looking forward to see you, not your hair.

I like this post I have written five years ago and I feel like reposting it!

Here you go.

Something I have written a while ago with a message.

This is 1943 just after WWII, a young family man told his four year old son “sunny, you need a hair cut, let’s go”. The son beamed with joy knowing that chocolate sundae is part of the deal, as usual on hair cutting day. No complaints.

This is 1953, now the man is ten years older, so is his son at fourteen. “Sunny, you need a hair cut, do you want to go because I am”. “no dad, barber Dan’s cut is no more cool!. It’s the rock and roll now dad”. Dad moves on without the little boy no more.

This is 1963, dad spotted a new hair style, not really, his head is balding. Son moves on into his twenty fourth year and has graduated college. “Sunny, you need a hair cut. Accompany me”. “I can’t dad, have to pick up Suzy. Got a appointment at the her hairdresser, she is helping me with the Afro”.

This is 1973, dad is 54 and the young man is 34. “your boy sure need a hair cut. When are you getting him one?”. “let it be dad, besides we hippie have our own freedom, so will be the boy when he grew up”. Dad is pretty upset with the response. Whatever.

This is 1983, dad no longer as mobile as he was at 64. Mom asked “you need a hair cut. Do you want to go today?”. Boy is no longer in sight as his family shifted out. Although only two sides above the ears have white hairs left, dad replied “yeah why not? Let’s go but we need a cab, maybe Joe could help”.

This is 1993, dad is almost bed ridden, mom is gone. Stay alone he depended on community services who usually drop by every Wednesday. “young man, you need a hair cut”, beamed the young volunteer. “yes I do. “. And he got one that morning, pretty happy with that cut.

This is 2003, dad has been bed ridden for the past three years, in the community hospital. Celebrating his 84th birthday coming Sunday, the hospital staff get a barber to cut dad’s hair so that he will be at his best. The whole hospital and the patients are looking forward to the birthday bash. Yet the barber is late for his appointment. “where is that barber you promised?” asked dad. “he must be having his own hair cut right now” humor from dad as he waited patiently.

This is 2011, at 92 dad became senile. Everyone that dropped by to see him will be asked “sunny, you need a hair cut. Do you want to go now?”. Dad seems to be longing too much for his boy to return all this while. We all knew that. It’s not just about the hair cut, it’s about companionship. It’s about someone to care for and being cared. But the boy is never in sight since he moved out.

This is a common story that I have imagined the past two days. Please drop by to see your old folks once a while. They are looking forward to see you, not your hair.

11/365 Describing happiness

“This is my version of happiness”

What is happiness? Is happiness self made, I mean you make happiness for yourself? Or are you doing something with other people that makes you happy?

I define happiness in a different way. I think happiness is about seeing people happy. I like the feeling that people around me are happy. Please don’t get me wrong that I goes around making people happy all the time. I don’t. I am a professional that my behavior is defined by events that good for all. I am not pleasing you because you need to be pleased. I will not pursue this debate here but concentrate writting on what is happiness.

Recently I had an opportunity to attend a graduation ceremony for my students. I jumped into the opporrunity! Yes I did! I told myself that I must go to put the creame on their success. I know they have looked forward to see me there. I knew that their photos will not complete without the presence of an academic faculty. I want to be there. I want to be there to complete their happiness. I want them to be happy parting ways with me. I want to do it for them! I knew they will be happy.

That way, I define happiness. Making happiness to people is my version of happiness.

P.s. pardon me of not loading all photos!